Think Healthy Home Relief Kits - Headaches #SelfCare2021

Think Healthy has a goal to offer high quality products and get them in the hands of consumers. Think Healthy has a line of health and wellness fashionable wearables designed for alignment for better motion in actives of daily living. They have at home kits to help with different issues, and we got the Headache Relief Kit since I deal with migraines.

Home therapy kits can help to manage the discomfort of the most common type of headaches caused by a tight neck muscles, poor posture, and stress. This kit offers specific tools which are selected to help reduce discomfort and work on reducing the underlying causes of tension. The combination of ice/heat/traction and neck relaxation will promote easy home care. These tools will help reduce throbbing and pulsating around temples, deep aches, stiffness, and fogginess. Help promote relaxation and a higher sense of clarity, a deep state of relation, and better motion to have you feeling better. The kit comes with a Bax-U posture corrector, a resistance band, neck traction, a massage ball, and an ice/heal gel pack.

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