Healthy Habits: Posture Correction

BAX-U is a brand of wearable products for better alignment and optimal physical performance. BAX-U products have been known to provide instant results. The company is known for their cool and fashionable posture correctors and their home kits to relieve pain.

I had a chance to do an interview with Dr. Romina to learn more.


Why was Think Healthy created?

We named the company THINK HEALTHY because I wanted to inspire people to think outside the box of reaching out for a pill bottle for their aches and pains. 


Why is improved posture so important?

Your posture is a reflection of your inner health. When people see someone with a good posture, it translates to confidence, strength, and more attractiveness. I see posture as good biomechanics, minimal spinal and nerve interruption physiology in function, and a reflection on inner health. Technology is causing poor posture. This problem is robbing the human's inner powerhouse, affecting normal body physiology, and worse of all, causing muscle overload, leading to chronic tiredness, aches, and pains. 

Today in 2020, we were challenged to stay home and work in non favorable conditions. This took a significant toll on our bodies. Children will suffer from a poor posture more than adults as their academic, social, and playtime are evolving around smart devices, altering normal body growth. As a result, kids will develop a slouched posture, rounded shoulders, and worse than the gradual compensatory scoliosis developing in their growing bodies. 

Posture is a simple word that has a profound direct and indirect impact on all body systems. Poor posture and chronic aches are directly correlated with mental health issues. By improving body physiology and posture correction, one can see changes in a person's mood, energy level, and even happier emotional state.

What are some times that people often don't realize they have poor posture?

When the mind is engaged in problem-solving, creating, uncovering, or completing a task, it is fully focused on the task. Body natal needs are delayed to gain the satisfaction of completion of the task on hand. Have you ever experienced being so busy or involved with a project that your hot morning coffee became cold, forgetting to eat lunch? That is the power of concentration that is effective for short-term projects, but working 6-12hrs a day on a screen can physically exhaust the body. That is why support to remind the body will be effective, not the buzzing kind, preferably the easier ones that offer internal shift, a wearable that retracts you back into better posture. 

What sets Think Healthy products apart from other posture-correcting products?

A group of neural structures controls your finger movements while typing, texting, or working with your hands. These nerves originate from the spinal nerves in the neck area, pass through the armpits (axilla), and travel to hands and fingers. With this knowledge, Posture Correction of BAX-U is the only soft adjustable posture support that protects the axilla and the nerve struct pathways as they travel to fingers. The adjustable straps on the shoulders and chest offer personalized fitting for the best results in the most comfortable setup. When testing 53 people, 90% reposted posture correction and loved how breathing was easier; they felt taller and had more energy while wearing the BAX-U posture corrector.

Home Kits to correct, prevent & protect from damaging effects for poor posture.

Head Home Kit- $99.00/  The kit comes with a posture corrector, chiropractic neck traction, resistive band, massage ball and ice/heat pack.

Neck Home Kit- $99.00/ relieves stiffness in the neck due to poor posture while texting or slouching. The kit comes with a posture brace, z traction, massage ball and ice/heat pack.

Posture kits for both men and women

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