• Invisible Under Clothing
  • No Pinching or Chaffing
  • Chiropractor-Certified
  • Reimbursable
Our Bax-U Corrector is a sleek, minimal, and easy posture realignment designed to help support your posture and intended to reduce the damaging effects of poor daily activities you do to your body. Made from a lightweight Satin fabric and unique adjustable Velcro elastic band.

Why Do I Need This?

How often do you use your computer?

Slouch while sitting?

While texting?

While driving?

Wear heavy backpacks?

Do you find yourself hunched over even as you read these words?

If you said "yes" to any of the above, you are at risk of poor posture.  This "silent epidemic" is plaguing individuals across first-world countries.

It can lead to: restless sleep, joint pains, neck pains, back pains, misaligned jaws and muscle tension.

Realign your body with the Bax-U Posture Corrector Support System. 

Look taller, feel better, and become more confident in minutes.

Subtle & Comfortable Everyday Use

Most back braces are bulky and ugly. 

Thin, comfortable & discreet Posture Support.

The Bax-U support is the thinnest posture corrector on the market, allowing for comfortable discreet posture support for under clothing. 

No one has to know. Look taller, thinner and feel better and more confident in minutes.

You can wear your Bax-U Posture Corrector Support anywhere from 30 minutes to 360 minutes (6 hours) per day. 

It’s barely detectable, and perfectly suitable for work, or play, or while running errands or exercising, all without compromising your fashion or style.

No Pinching or Chaffing

Most cheap back braces are worn like a backpack, pinching the armpits and chaffing the skin underneath. 

Our patented technology allows us to build the only back support that sits lower on the body, meaning: more annoying pinching or chaffing under your arms.

Market research indicates that many of our competitor’s back brace products leave red marks on the skin, have unreasonable, ugly bulk, or are flat-out uncomfortable and hard to wear. 

The Bax-U Posture Support solves all of these problems, integrating itself perfectly as part of your undergarment


Designed by a Doctor of Chiropractic to reduce kyphosis, slouching and forward head carriage, and to retrain and improve posture every single day.

Bax-U’s Founder and Inventor, Dr. Romina Ghassemi, set out to create the best back brace for everyday people.

The Bax-U posture corrector helps everyday people treat back and neck pain, prevent slouching, prevent spinal degeneration, improve posture, and generally improve the function of your muscles and spine.


A licensed medical product, you can get reimbursed for your Bax-U through FSA/HSA and many PPO insurance providers with recommendation from your physician.