What proper posture is?

What proper posture is?

 Normal posture is the perfect balance against gravity with minimal loading to supporting Kinematic structures.  Kinematic structures are the NeuroMuscularSkeletal systems of the body.  Proper posture is a visual presentation of an alignment between pressure and load in space.                    

Front Image:  (Coronal Plane): Eyes, Shoulder, Pelvis, Knees and Ankles are aligned.  

Side Image:  (Sagittal Plane):  Ear Lobe, middle of shoulder, Hip, Knee & Outer Ankles. 


 Effects of poor posture,

This is a serious problem as the abnormal loading will cause the joints to not function correctly with ease, leading to early wear and tear in the joints and causing an imbalance in muscle contractions. Image2.  The kinematic chain is similar to a jigsaw puzzle, each part has independent function, but works as a whole.  

 Therefor any changes to any joint will affect the segments above and below,… this is too often seen with people with rounded shoulders, slouched spine, and forward head position.  The reason for its frequent presentation in all ages and socioeconomical groups is the affect of repetitive use of technology in our lives. 

The  brain communicates with each and every cell, tissue and system of your body thru nerve pathways known as Spinal Column.   The nervous system gather’s information from body parts to the brain via the spinal cord inside the Spinal Column.  The cord is encapsulated and protected by your spinal (aka vertebral column).  It is valuable to say any changes to your spine (such as POOR POSTURE) will affect the normal communication flow of your nervous system and its abilities. Neglecting your posture will lead to many health issues. See Image3:


 Benefits of proper posture

Benefits of having good proper posture is reflected by the level of daily energy and ease, agility and comfort in motion.  Just like a car that drives you from point A - point B.  A healthy body can function every system, organ, tissue and cell in your body for optimal performance.  Our body is a sophisticated machine that needs to be protected.  If you take care of your physical alignment,  eat fortified nutrient your mental state will rise with no effort.   If you want to enjoy your life and live vivaciously, take care of your posture and nervous system. 


How to attain proper posture, etc.

Exercise with a friend, trainer or an App.  Wear a reminder Posture Support, try BAX-U.com Posture Brace- its a Chiropractic choice. Sleep on a mattress that feels comfortable and offers a good night rest. Chose a pillow with neck support. Use Ergonomically  approved gadgets and rest your work or play station. And know that you have support from chiropractors, search engine and our team.


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