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Lale (inner sense of beauty) women’s legging is part of the  core products to help with lower back and pelvis issues. Designed by Chiorpractor to help patients who have issues in those areas or want to feel the Kegal pelvise activation thru out the day.  This luxe, soft, and durable compression fabric grips the lower body and perfectly sculpts the legs for smoother more slender look. When aligning the top customized elastic correction bands for lumbo-pelvic griddle you will instantly feel a sense of decompression in your lower back and find your self standing taller feel more stable.  The 3 settings help to dial your lower back and pelvis to better alignment and activate your core abdominal muscles. 

When wearing your BAX-U lale leggings you will feel improved power of your lower body strength, mobility and balance.  The inner lining has strategically positioned built-in silicone grip and the polyspandex secures a more compression and control fit, making it easy to run your activities of daily living and feel exceptionally stronger when working out.

Who will feel relief?  Lower back & Hip sufferers.  Core strength.

Who will benefit? Sports enthusiast, Yogies, Pilate, Spinners, Runners, Busy Professioanls.  

Materials content: 72% Nylon 28% Spandex

Model is wearing size MEDIUM

BAX-U dose not treat/ diagnose or offer medical advice.  

However if you do have a health issue to address, please check with us ( Tele-Health visit) or your Chiropractors/Physical therapists/ Athletic trainers/ Coaches to gain maximum benefit of BAX-U ACTIVE PRODUCTS 


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Care Instructions

The Bax-U Posture Support will last you longest when it is hand washed and hang dried. We don’t recommend ironing. It can also be washed in warm/cool water without risk of shrinking.

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