Are we loosing ourselves to technology?

Are we loosing ourselves to technology?

Hi my name is Dr. Romina Ghassemi during my 21 years in practice I have noticed a shift in my patient diagnostic demographics from lower back & sciatic pain to Headaches, Neck & Upper back pain.  In parallel, a fast rise of mental problems from Anger issues to ,… ADD & ADHD reported.

Smart devices, Physical body, and Mental reactions leave clues for the rapidly changing societies of developing communities.

As a young girl growing up in Iran, Tehran, I was told a good girl is one that has her head down. “Dose not stare back when spoken to”. “Keeping your head down is being humble”. In my culture a lady is, subordinate, graceful & humble. In fact this resonates with most females around Middle east, Far east and Asia.

Now fast forward an adventurous historical 30+ years of changes in the world, and Me.   Today I am a trained Doctor form America, and see people in a different view.   I see more people with their shoulders rolled in and heads down.   Except it’s not for being graciously humble, it’s for different reason.  As the world speeds thru Smart high tech devices.   Our bodies & behaviors change to meet the demands imposed upon it.

Body talks:

As you lean into your computers, your “Shoulders rolled in, back is slouched, and  head moves forward”.   This unconscious, simple, adaptive, change can affect the nerve structures feeding to many key organs. Insulting the harmonious melody of form and function of the body.  You get DIS- EASE State of health and symptoms occur such as PAIN.

Mind Reacts:

Forward head position, can affect C5, nerves which feed to Vocal cords, shoulders and diaphragm. In Buddhism the 5th chakra/Throat Chakra, is the ability to clearly communicate ones feelings and thoughts.

This compression with 5th chakra & C5 nerve, can have behavior effects,… One can become less talkative, more introverted, might feel exhausted.  This graceful, humble posture I was taught can actually affect more than a nerve pinch and neck pain.   Affecting ones, ability to clearly communicate, hold her/his stance, grant themselves freedom of self expression, speaking ones mind, opinion or truth. I can say in summary, its freedom of self expression.

Spirit Manifests:

Confidence, Belief, Certainty, Happiness, Love and Joy are spiritual manifestations in optimal expression when body and mind are at their best. Poor posture affects mind and body, it can affect life in decision making, out look to future, confidence and trust in self and others ,…   


In my clinic this is what I teach my patients to screen their families and self.  Ear lobe to shoulder, test.  [follow us on: fb/BAX-UPOSTURESUPPORT/ or contact us at] In the world, the integration of social media, and keeping up with change is our daily life style. 

Are we loosing our body, mind and spirit expression to technology?

Prevention / Protection:

Our body talks to us, poor posture is a sign for help. Finding a balance is the winning key: prevention and protection.  []

  • Wearable Posture Product such as BAX-U POSTURE SUPPORT. ( I know it works!)
  • Ergonomic changes at work
  • Change poor habits
  • Meditation
  • Breathing
  • Exercise.
  • Taking a tech-break (aka) Vacation (with NO wifi)

Just like your smile, your posture is a none verbal expression of your inner self.  As a professional woman and mother, we can graciously express our selves with our self expression, thru Better Posture.

Stand Tall for your Self and your future.

Play it forwards;




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