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I wore my new BAX-U for the first time at Spyglass Hill Golf Course. I'm happy to report two outcomes: The garments felt great. The posture support was amazing. I scored a hole-in-one on the par 3 third hole. I'd like to think I'm your first customer to score a hole-in-one on Spyglass
Jim L
Golf Enthusiast
The Bax-U Activewear has been an absolute life saver for me. As a student, I find myself studying over a desk for hours, with my back hurting from my scoliosis. When I wear the activewear, I don’t feel that looming back pain that I always did. I can go for hours, maintain my posture, and even correct my scoliosis with the strap settings. Aside from the clear benefits, when I wear my active wear, I get compliments. The shirt and leggings paired together is my favorite to wear when I go to my yoga classes. I can balance better and feel the support in the more difficult poses. Now when I wear regular leggings/tank top vs BAX-U, I notice a SIGNIFICANT reduction in my overall performance. I love this product.
Bella G

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