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Doctor Recommended - Head Relief Kit

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Home Therapy to help manage the discomfort for the most common type of headaches caused by a tight neck muscles, poor posture and stress. Specific tools are selected to help reduce discomfort and work on reducing the underlying causes of tension.

A home kit highly recommended by chiropractors for home management of stress-induced headaches. The combination of ice/heat/traction and neck relaxation will promote easy home care.

Reduces throbbing and pulsating around temples, deep aches, stiffness, and fogginess. Promotes relaxation and a higher sense of clarity, a deep state of relation, and better motion to have you feeling better.

Get it and SAVE UP TO 20% MORE compared if you purchase them one-by-one!

Invisible Under Clothing

Thin, comfortable & discreet Posture Support. More confident in minutes.

No Pinching or Chaffing

Patented technology allows us to build the only back support that sits at the lower part of your armpit.


Designed by a Chiropractor to reduce Kyphosis, Slouching & Forward Head Carraige, to retrain & improve posture.


Through FSA/HSA and many PPO insurance providers with recommendation from your physician.

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