Posture Relief Kit UX/LX - Physician's Package

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What is UX/LX syndrome?

Poor posture is a combination of UX/LX complex. Upper cross syndrome consists of various tightened and weak muscles. The tight muscles are generally as follows: upper trapezius, the sternocleidomastoid (a large muscle in the front of the neck), the pectorals major/minor and levator scapulae (a muscle at the back of the neck). The weakened muscles are as follows: rhomboid major/minor, deep neck flexors, middle and lower trapezius and the serratus anterior (a muscle at the side of the rib cage and going back to the shoulder blade).

How do you know if you have upper cross syndrome?

You will see your head going forward, increased cervical curve, protracted shoulders and increased thoracic (mid-back) kyphosis (curve). This is the beginning of the upper cross syndrome.

Lower cross syndrome also consists of various tightened and weak muscles. The tight muscles are generally as follows: hip flexors (such as iliopsoas, rectus femoris – one of the quadricep muscles), and erector spinae muscle group – the muscles on either side of the spine. The weakened muscles are as follows: abdominal muscles and gluteus maximus – part of your buttock muscles.

How do you know if you have lower cross syndrome?

Having a swayback (excessive curve of the lower back) is a good indication of lower cross syndrome. Demonstrating an anterior pelvic tilt (hips tilted forward), increased lumbar (low back) lordosis (curve) and increased hip flexion. Lower back Pain can suggest lower cross syndrome is involved however, there are also many causes of low back pain.

Best care options is BAX-U UX/LX POSTURE home kit in combination with chiropractic care, physical therapy, and exercise.

Chiropractor Designed
Designed by a Doctor of Chiropractic to reduce kyphosis, slouching and forward head carriage, and to retrain and improve posture every single day. 2014 Innovative HME Retail Product Award Winner as best posture corrector.

Fully Adjustable
Since we all have different body types & life styles, Bax-U Posture Support’s ability to be adjustable allows you to be in charge of how much you want your posture to be upright! Stand taller, live healthier, and be happier.

No Pinching or Chauffing
Most cheap back braces are worn like a backpack, pinching the armpits and chaffing the skin underneath. Our patented technology allows us to build the only back support that sits lower on the body, meaning no more annoying pinching or chaffing under your arms.

Subtle and Thin
Most back braces are bulky and ugly. The Bax-U support is the thinnest posture corrector on the market, allowing for comfortable discreet posture support for under clothing. No one has to know. Look taller, thinner and feel better and more confident in minutes.


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