Posture Relief Kit


Poor posture can be the underlying cause of bodily aches and pains. If left uncorrected this problem can lead to serious problems & degenerative arthritis conditions at earlier age. Your home kit helps reduce damages and offers you a choice of correction. Use daily 12 weeks and feel the improved changes.

The longer that poor posture is continued—such as being hunched over a computer or slouching on the couch—the more likely that neck pain, stiffness, and other symptoms may develop. Many other long-term effects of forward head posture have been reported, such as headaches, jaw pain, reduced breathing capacity, and altered balance.
— SpineHealth

1.) Bax-U Posture Corrector

2.) Chiropractic Neck Traction Device

3.) Dynamic Wobble Cushion

4.) Trigger Point Massage Ball

5.) Large + Small Massage Ball

6.) Bax-U Resistance Band

7.) Gel Ice + Heat Pack

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