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Dr. Romina Ghassemi is a chiropractor, lecturer, researcher, and inventor practicing for over 25 years. She specializes in correcting poor postures and eliminating pain naturally. Vincent Serano is a maker/creator and also a patient of Dr. Ghassemi. The purpose of this podcast is to address these complex injuries in short digestible segments people can understand. MSD's are are happening to millions of people every year and growing at alarming rates, especially in Millennials and Gen Z. Bodies are being destroyed and billions of dollars per year in productivity are lost in the US alone and growing. This podcast is designed to help explain what's going on, why, and most importantly how to turn pain into power naturally. We bring you fun, facts, and hacks that can change your life. Tune in every Tuesday at 10am for new episodes and answers. If you know somebody in pain, please share this podcast, they'll thank you later! For more information about improving your body and how to turn pain into power, please visit www.bax-u.com

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