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Home Relief Kits

Head & Neck Home Relief Kit

$119.00 $202.97

Home Therapy helps manage the discomfort of the most common type of headaches caused by tight neck muscles, poor posture, and stress. Specific tools are selected to help reduce discomfort and work on reducing the underlying causes of tension.

The neck is a coordinated network of nerves, bones, joints, and muscles. Neck Discomfort can be alleviated with self-care. Your Home kit has selected home tools to improve posture, traction the neck, strengthen the weak muscles and massage the tight muscles.

Posture Home Relief Kit

$139.00 $157.97

Poor posture can be the underlying cause of bodily aches and pains. If left uncorrected, this problem can lead to serious problems & degenerative arthritis conditions at an earlier age. Your home kit helps reduce damages and offers you a choice of correction. Use daily 12 weeks and feel the improved changes.

Ergonomic Home Kit

$195.00 $212.97

Ergonomics is an approach or solution to deal with a number of problems—among them are work-related: musculoskeletal disorders. According to the International Ergonomics Association, there are three broad domains of ergonomics: Physical, Cognitive, and Organizational. In summary, it’s all about building a better workplace.

Invisible Under Clothing

Thin, comfortable & discreet Posture Support. More confident in minutes.

No Pinching or Chaffing

Patented technology allows us to build the only back support that sits at the lower part of your armpit.


Designed by a Chiropractor to reduce Kyphosis, Slouching & Forward Head Carraige, to retrain & improve posture.


Through FSA/HSA and many PPO insurance providers with recommendation from your physician.

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