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What we found was by improving the posture of the patients and having the correct body mechanics we see an instant improvement of muscle strength, regardless of age group. Patients describe their experience everywhere from feeling taller, stronger and were intrigued by the improvement in shoulder and upper body balance, and difference in muscle strength. Common statement of test subjects was, “ This will help me with my workout & weight lifting”.
It can be deducted that BAX-U POSTURE SUPPORT BRACE helps align the AC joint, and improve muscle strength in upper cross conditions and hyperkhyphotic patients.

Think Healthy Inc. celebrates the impressive results of a study conducted May 14th through June 7th, 2018 on fifty desk worker employees at Seattle City Light, led by Ergonomist Keith Osborne using BAX-U Posture Support Brace. The study indicates 88% of participants felt an immediate change in their posture, body position, and pain reduction when wearing BAX-U Posture Support Brace.

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Over 90% of participants responded their posture awareness was most affected when wearing BAX-U Posture Support Brace, bringing an awareness to the importance of proper posture. Approximately 40% of participants indicated their pain levels were most affected when wearing BAX-U Posture Support Brace. This finding shows the positive affect proper posture can have on pain throughout the body; indicating a reduction in the need for pain pills, but rather favoring a holistic approach.

The impressive results of the study with BAX-U Posture Support Brace has led Ergonomist Keith Osborne to seek funding for a future study done with Think Healthy Inc’s newest product, BAX-U Posture Shirt; to be conducted on field workers in 2019, pending funding. We encourage you to try BAX-U Posture Support Brace for yourself and feel the positive affect BAX-U can have in your life.

BAX-U’s inventor, Dr. Romina Ghassemi, has been a chiropractor since 1992, and in that time she noticed her patients’ number one problem was poor posture. Other posture braces on the market were ineffective and had poor compliance when it came to patients using them. As a result, Dr. Ghassemi set out to create the best back brace for real people, and her long journey has resulted in a product that will help you FEEL GOOD and LOOK BETTER. All you have to do is try it.

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