Doctor Recommended Posture Relief Kit

Poor posture can be the underlying cause of bodily aches and pains. If left uncorrected this problem can lead to serious problems & degenerative arthritis conditions at earlier age. Your home kit helps reduce damages and offers you a choice of correction. Use daily 12 weeks and feel the improved changes.

Wearable posture brace, posture training figure 8 resistive band and three-phase exercises, neck traction and cervical curve training, lower back traction, and two torso relaxing massage balls.

Instant posture correcting wearable brace that stops poor posture habits in sitting, standing, or driving. Neck and lower back traction kits to retrain and relax the overloaded muscles from daily poor posture habits, daily three phases of progressive core muscle strengthening using resistive bands, home posture exercises to stabilize the changes with other equipment.

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