Doctor Recommended Home Relief Kits

"An ounce fo prevention is better than pound of cure".
~ A. Einstien ~

THINK HEALTHY home kits are designed to offer you the tools to handle discomforts caused by muscular skeletal imbalances caused by poor posture habits and wrong body patterns.
Just like brushing and flossing your teeth, you spine needs attention, protection and preventive daily routine.
A home regiment for spinal health can have significant effect on your overall health and wellness.
Our purpose at THINK HEALTHY is to offer you products to reduce discomfort, promote health and offer prevention to help you reach your optimal health potentials. Experience better health with daily home regiments.


Follow the instruction accurately and experience their intended effects of your HOME RELEIF KITS:
  1. BAX-U POSTURE SUPPORT to improve spinal health and function.
  2. Massage Balls to relax the over worked tight muscles.
  3. Neck Supports/ Traction - Promote Cervical Curve & reduce compressing of soft tissues.
  4. Resistive Bands - to strengthen your muscles and maintain your progress
  5. Use ICE/ HEAT to reduce swelling and promote muscle relaxation
  6. Home Stretch Exercise handouts - Always stretch after heat application.

The Home Kits do not treat, diagnose any condition. They are used as over the counter support to add an extra help in your care. Should you experiecne aggregation of any pain or discomfort, stop and contact your health care professional immediately.

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