Introducing BAX-U Active!

Improve Alignement & Perfomance when Active

Chiropractor designed. Made from a luxe, soft, and durable compression fabric. It molds to fit the curves of your body while realigning your biomechanical foundation.

Leverages Elastic Bio Tension Bands for shoulder/torso realignment in 3 level settings for optimal upper body muscular skeletal performance.

BAX-U Active Optimizes your 5P’s: 

Posture – Power – Performance – Prevention -Protection

The "Original" BAX-U Posture Corrector

Have you noticed how much you are slouching??

Looking down at your phone or lapto for hours on end. Feeling neck and upper back pain and tighness.

BAX-U Corrector is designed to help support your posture and reduce the damaging effects of poor daily activities.

Made from a lightweight Satin fabric and unique adjustable Velcro Elastic bands, the BAX-U Posture Corrector is the gentle all day reminder to stop sluching. 

And No One has to know!

Posture Correction for All Activities

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