About BAX-U

Dr Romina Ghassemi

Dr. Romina prides herself by creating products that allow science to be applicable in everyday life. She blends her 25+ years of education and experience as a Chiropractic physician with training in neurology, radiology, biomechanics, sports rehabilitation, scoliosis correction, ergonomics, last but definitely not least, technology and fashion to design and produce fashionable posture devices at BAX
Chiropractor, Ergonomist & Entrepreneur | Founder of BAX-U
She is a child of the world. Dr.Romina was born in Iran, has lived and studied in England, Switzerland before settling in the United States where she has obtained her innovative and academic status. The different places that she has lived has inspired her to value art, literature, craft, quality, and diversity in all that she produces. Whether it’s a new company, new products or innovative technology. Dr. Romina’s vision for BAX-U is to continuously develop products and Smart Corrective Activewear designed to improve people’s quality of life, health and overall posture.

My Mission

"It always has been a lifelong passion of mine to bring the highest quality of living to as many people as possible while remaining one of the leaders in my industry. This is why we went with superior materials and manufacturing and made the voices of our customers the center of our design as we tested for months before deploying our latest supportive wearables and brace"

Dr Romina Ghassemi

The Beginning

BAX-U was founded during a flight back to Los Angeles from a Bio-mechanics seminar in 2010, by Dr.Romina. Inspired by the dynamics of poor body mechanics at the seminar, Dr.Romina ferociously drew out her innovative product ideas on napkins as she touched down to LAX. Fast-forward to today, BAX-U is now a full production e-commerce brand intended to refine bodies into their optimal versions through products, corrective activewear and fashion apparel.

The BAX-U company culture is made up of diverse talents from around the world. Our purpose revolves around collaboration, team work, and intention to help others, live healthier and happier. 

The line of products created are based on creating the foundation of bio-mechanical integrity for optimal alignment and maximum comfort in motion. BAX-U products aim to inspire people to stand up taller, feel stronger to confidently step into the best version of themselves and show it off to the world.

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